Right, own up, who's sprog is it?

We were the last infantry battalion in Berlin and took part in the farewell parade and close down in Sep 1994. So a good piss up followed by lots of goodbye shags, so that would have been about 17 years ago. Oh my go! Daddies here.


Took me a while but it's not mine ! To young and I was never anywhere near Berlin!
Though I did fuck plenty of bare Lynns and Gabbys :)
Doubt it. If it was, it would speak perfect German and be fluent in 17 other languages including Tibetan.
And, it would be 500 years old.
I think it's great that the BBC included a file picture of some random trees, just for all the fans out there in Innernet Land who don't know what woods look like.
I'm saying nothing unitl I've spoken with legal representation.

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