Right or Wrong?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by elvislives, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. OC of small unit (Capt) a married man.

    Serves unaccompanied.

    Surfs the internet at work looking for an internet date.

    Finds internet date and brings her to various unit functions.

    Has a few drinks and gets steamy with her in front of the lads and their wives and disappears to hotel room.

    Meanwhile, poor Mrs OC is at home all alone.

    Of course, its the talk of the unit.

    Right or Wrong??
  2. It's Right. Of course you should all be talking about it.
  3. Yeah thats ok, PM me Mrs OC's address i will take her salsa dancing!
  4. Next function, the 'date' of said Captain be suitably briefed, before being de-briefed as it were. Would be classic 'entertainment' if said Wife turned up too, un-announced of course.
  5. Wrong. No defence possible.

    Click here

    Download and print the .pdf or click here if you've got broadband.

    Leave it on the cnut's desk.
  6. What you need here is someone with no career to worry about or who is in their last few months to just approach the OC & ask as loud & proud (so as to get the attention of all around & create an uncomfortable air of pre-planned silence) "So how is the beautiful wife doing these days then sir?" Should set him squirming & a serious fireworks display off. Bonus is if he has a short fuse & swings for said careerless volunteer then you get to batter the boss too!

    Everyone's a winner. Except the boss & his bit of stuff maybe, then there is the wife but hey the boys get a giggle & the air is clear. If it was captured on cam corder too or mobie fone then we have said boss over a barrel too!

    Affairs are the stuff of genius! Anyone shine some light on why folk do it? After all it takes years to build trust, integrity & respect but only roumer to start destroying it.

    That would be the stuff of legends!
  7. Refering to Abbacus's link, I particularly like this bit :

    "Soldiers should therefore avoid any
    activity which risks degrading their professional ability, and
    any personal behaviour which may damage morale by
    putting at risk the trust and respect that must exist between
    individuals who depend on each other. The same principle
    applies to any behaviour which calls into question the
    integrity of those in a position of responsibility and so
    undermines his or her authority in the eyes of subordinates."
  8. Elvislives, you are a very bitter and twisted man, apart from insulting your marital morals!!! What has this LEADER OF MEN done to deserve this smear on his UNTIL NOW flawless character?????
  9. Is he a c**t?????
  10. OOMPALOOMPA maybe we should ask his wife!!

    If I remember correctly the only smear made against this fine up standing officer was the scarlet red lipstick of his mistress........
  11. So what else is going on in Gibraltar?

  12. If his boss is not doing anything you have a real problem with integrity in the upper echelons. Disgrace, no respect for his wife, his soldiers or uniform. The sooner he is out the better, we are expected to have higher standards than the creatures that inhabit big brother or the Sun.

  13. Obviously wrong, leaves him open to blackmail from his subourdinates (ok, many will keep shtump as their misdeamoners wil come out).

    His main mistake was to involve others his inappropiate actions, if he wants to do this then he needs to keep it away from the military and his soldiers.

    I'm a ex-switch bitch (whose been through therapy) but seeing an OC suffer at my hands did make me feel good (no I didn't sleep with Sig XYZ, I've done XYZ because she gives good head ..... argh no she was top of her course ...).... those where the days, pity people behave at my current unit behave
  14. Or women.

    Women have a perfect right to be in this organisation.


    oh p.s. Vonshot congratulations! 500th post.
  15. It's clearly wrong and there is something wrong with OC .. Doing it front of everyone is broadcasting a message.

    Perhaps he was trying to be cool or perhaps he just need help!!

    If he is lying to his wife who I assume he loves can we now believe anything he says??

    One times window.

    One time integrity

    One add One = OC