Right nasty bug bites, Aldershot

I've noted that more blokes seem to be getting bitten by some evil beast of a bug around Aldershot, resulting in HUGE swelling around the bite area, numbness etc although very little pain.

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas what is causing it?

I felt my leg get nipped, felt the sod bite and it bloated up pronto

What is it?

Nope. Don't find Aldershot a problem. Got back from Germany, 3 weeks ago ........ with at least 13 massive horsefly bites (some still itch). Got back from Aldershot on Friday night ......... with one tiny insect bite on knee.
Fcuk knows but I've got a massive alien looking bite on my back this morning and I live in Ash Vale... I thought I was safe and only ran the risk of being mutilated in VOX!!
There was a mad swarm of flying ants on Sunday, looked like the skies above the East End of London during the Blitz. There again you could have been bitten by the Aldershot Hippocrockerpigs in Vox!

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