Right Marker Drill Movements

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Flyer, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Could anyone please enlighten me as to what the correct drill comands and movements are for the right marker whilst getting on parade

    Any help much appreciated
  2. The geezer with the big badge, tash and pointy stick shouts, you march as he showed you, simple.
  3. thanks for the help if none.

    know most of it up to dressing off in open order but its the bit after that
  4. Flyer, don't ask me im always the left hand marker, last man SIR!!!!

  5. ok,

    "Right...." [Everyone brace up]

    "Marker!" [Marker comes to attention, remainder go to 'at ease', rpause of TWO THREE, marker marches forward 15 paces ( count them 1, 2, 3, etc 12, 13, 14 ONE TWO (the halt bit), pause TWO THREE and stands at ease.

    "Get on.." [marker and remainder brace up]

    "Parade!" Marker and remainder come to attention, remainder march forward and halt to reform the squad and stand at ease after the pause TWO THREE
  6. thank you I'm hoping you can help then

    ok do you know what are the complete drill movements after "in open order right dress is given"
  7. I take it your the tallest person in your unit, 1st question where you on the drill TP's on your recruits course. 2 why nt ask a Drill Instructor in your unit to take you through the drill movements!!!

  8. no not the tallest im afraid but as im the cuty person it comes down to me to be the right marker

    ashamed to add being a non drill type soldier drill is not my forte

    unless there up tommorow morning early i wont be able to ask anyone ;-)

    cheers anyway
  9. Yep,

    front rank takes pace forward, rear rank takes pace to rear, pause 2, 3, all except right markers turn head and eyes to right, pause 2, 3, then small step shuffle til dressed off.

    eyes front on, er, well EYES FRONT!
  10. Heres a little tip for you in the future, its called the 7 'P'S


  11. Give the guy a break, pyss poor planning would mean him posting this at 0755 in the a.m. not at round midnight the day before! :D
  12. I've done it once, and that was 20 years ago....

    It's something alomg the lines of:

    Parade - Right Dress!
    Eyes Front!

    RM turns left and corrects individual dressings.

    3rd man, forward! (3rd man shuffles forward) - Steady!
    5th man, back! (5th man shuffles backwards) - Steady!

    When happy with the front rank,

    Front Rank - Stand at ease!

    RM does left turn, marches two paces, halts and right turns. Repeats process with centre rank, finishing with,

    Centre Rank - Stand at ease!

    RM does left turn, marches two paces, halts and right turns. Repeats process with rear rank, finishing with,

    Rear Rank - Stand at ease!

    RM then does right turn, marches 4 paces, halts, dresses himself off with the front rank, then stands at ease.
  13. after marching the 4 paces back to front rank do i then have to left turn and march 4 paces back to meet the parade then right turn and dress off ?
  14. Well.... I didn't, but on that occasion, I had to be somebody else as well (there weren't all that many of us), so my next movement was to right turn and wheel to take up position behind the parade.

    At least, that was the plan in the rehearsal. It all went t!ts up when the co-star of the show turned up. He hadn't been briefed on the procedure and c*cked it up with a "Gather round, lads." :roll:

    Thanks anyway to the Coldstream Staffy who persevered with us for that week in Gib.
  15. As I recall it over the mists of time, the RM marches the 4 paces back to his start point, left turn to face the front ranks and orders 'Eyes Front' at that stage. As the heads and eyes click over, he steps off 4 paces towards the front rank, halts, right turns to advance, eyes left and dresses himself, then eyes front.

    At which point IC Parade takes over.