Right I got Cat 4d

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dionysus, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. Right I got Cat 4'd and this is why....

    It was my second briefing. I dislocated my elbow on the hurdles at my first one and got asked to come back. Then I went to my second briefing 5 months later....

    Everything was fine on the Saturday. MAP tests, interview, Planning Ex. All Fine.

    Sunday, i did lose my bottle on the hurdles. i had a go, but didn't really attack it. I knew i'd fucked up a bit but wasn't expecting a Cat 4. The Board thought i had a "mental blockage that made me unsuitable for officer training". I think I can nail my agility over time but anyway, it's done and i'm taking it on the chin....

    Has anyone become commissioned after getting a Cat 4? I'm thinking of Tomming it up.
  2. What's 'tomming it up'?
  3. He means joining as a Soldier.

    Dionysus: I thought there wasn't any way back from a Cat 4. I'd suggest speaking to your ACA/Sponsor
  4. I'm pretty sure the only commission you can get with a cat 4 is in the salvation army.
  5. That's pretty harsh to be fair, we had one person on our briefing who didn't manage a single obstacle, got pulled off the bleep at level 6 and he got a cat 3.
  6. SmokeyP: They look at all cases individually, after time. But it would be nice to know how successful this route has been.

    I_Love Torres: I think they looked at me a bit different. I knew what was coming after all. Second time round and all that.
  7. Like SmokeyP said, you'd have to speak to your ACA. I'm afraid I don't think the prognosis is good; like you said: second time...
    Best of luck.
  8. On the briefing board, the view is taken that fitness can be worked on. The lad was probably a good team player, scored fairly well on the aptitude tests and came across as bright and having potential. Keep your chin up, consider the other services too and if you have got a bit of nounce about you, consider joining up as a soldier within a technical trade.
  9. I'm sorry Sarge you couldn't be more wrong! He had his debrief int after me so i didn't see him then, but at a regimental visit a few weeks later, i bumped into him, where he told me, with some pride, his ACA had informed him that he had never seen such a low MAP test score in his entire career.
  10. Apologies-Double post
  11. Dio - pm sent
  12. What sort of reasons would someone get CAT 4'd for?
  13. Well mine was due to the "mental blockage" as it was described when it came to hurdling.

    But from what I gather, you can be Cat 4'd for anything that the Board view can not be improved.
  14. I thought you are only allowed to attend Briefing once? Did you get another chance because of your injury? That is quite surprising because I didn't do well on the obstacle course and I was told I had a Cat 2:3. I think you have been really hard done by.
  15. You could probably become an ''officer'' in UK Civ Pol!!