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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by srb23, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Hello

    I'm interested in joining the Int Corps, but is it essental that I have a flair for languages?

    I have very little knowledge of other languages and just wonder whether this would prevent me from applying.

    I come from a military family and have always had a great respect for the forces and those who serve.
    I always felt that I would join the infantry, but as I grew older (i'm now 25) I have started to question whether this would be the right job for me.
    I was at university studying politics and international relations but withdrew from studies due to family problems.
    Though whilst studying I learnt that I enjoyed finding out about the bigger issues in life and how to think outside of the box and accept other views and opinions.
    From what I have researched on the Int corps, it seems that it would allow me to see elements of the army that don't really surface in public view.
    I looked at Human Intellegence and felt that if I did join and was accepted this would be the specialisation that I would aim for.
    But again, is it essential that I can speak arabic or russian etc.
    I like to think I'm a bright guy and curious about learning.
  2. no its not essential.
  3. Ok, thanks.

    Just looked up BARBGENIUS (BG) aka CRmeansCeilingReached, he seems to think he has all the answers.

    Guys like that are all words and no action.
    My farther spent 22 years in the Royal Marines, something that i'm very proud off, but you don't hear me squaking about it to everyone.
    That guy needs to get out of his old mans shadow and make his own path in life, it won't be easy, nothing ever really worth doing is.
    At least then he will probably look back on what he has written and realise what an imature litte prat he was being.

    Anyway back to my original post.
    If I was to learn a new language of my own back, what would you think the most relievant language would be.
    At the moment I'm thinking Pashto would be pretty useful, would you agree?
    Though I must state again that I have very little experience with other languages, apart from French at School and learning a few European phrases and words from those I have met through out my life.
    So I could imagine that Pashto would be a pretty hard learning curve for a complete novice.

    Hope you can help.
  4. How about having a stab at English, you might then be able to explain the meaning of "squaking" to us.
  5. are you for real? 8O :D :?
  6. Well CR, he certainly appears to have done his research thoroughly!!! ;)
  7. CR has made over 7,000 posts, and you seem to have digested them all in fairly short order. This is only your second post and you are already squaking about your Dad being a bootie. HUMINT is about forming and maintaining realtionships , not destroying them.

    As well as reading all of CRs posts did you also read the sticky topics at the top......

    Is that you TMA?
  8. Nah...it's CR trying another BG stint.
  9. If it smells like a Wah, and walks like a Wah...........

    Quite amusing nonetheless!
  10. howayman, when will you learn - i did it once, went out on top and i'm never gonna dilute that with another attempt! :D

    (besides when that first post on this thread went up, i was tucked up in bed.)
  11. In answer to Mr SRB23 I would suggest that the Int Corps is probably not right for you. You appear to have, despite saying you are intelligent, a poor grasp of the English language especially spelling. Therefore if you cannot master your own mother tongue it is probable that you will struggle with complex languages such as Arabic or Russian. If I was you I would follow in your father's foot-steps and become a Marine. You could always brag to the other lads about him.
  12. that's it abu, you squak him! :D
  13. Ha, ha! How did he know what your last SJAR read like????

  14. Thanks all for the input.
    I have found it all very useful.
  15. shite in...shite out