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Right Flank, a company of 150 1st Battalion Scots Guards went to Helmand Province last week
8:32am Friday 22nd January 2010

By Vicki Henderson

A COMPANY of soldiers from the region has been deployed to Afghanistan – paving the way for further troop deployments later this year.

Right Flank, a company of 150 troops from the 1st Battalion Scots Guards, based at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, made the journey to Helmand Province last week, ahead of the rest of the battalion.

The company has been sent several months earlier than expected to prepare for future military operations.

Right Flank is what is known as a manoeuvre company, with troops deployed to support any battle group that officers think needs help.

Troops’ main duties will include going out on patrol and interacting with locals, as well as moving colleagues around on the front line.

Captain Malcolm Dalzel-Job said: “Most of them know exactly what to expect, as they have been before, but this time they will be going during the hot, dry period, which is new to them.

“The men know that what they are doing is important, so they have a significant six months ahead of them.”

Before their deployment from Catterick Garrison, some of the soldiers spoke of their feelings about going into a war zone.

Lance Corporal John Adams, 30, from Sunderland, said: “I’ve served in Iraq and Northern Ireland, but this is the first time I’ve been deployed to Afghanistan.

“I’m a little bit nervous, but you would be stupid not to be.

“When I was in Iraq it was pretty quiet, so I’m expecting there to be a bit more action out there. It is what you join the Army for.”

Guardsman Steven Pearson, 25, from Durham, is leaving behind his wife, Keely, 21, and an eight-month old son, Lewis.

He said: “I’m feeling quite good about going. I just can’t wait to get out there, so I’m not too nervous.

“The situation in Afghanistan has changed quite a bit since we were first out there, because the general population is more on our side than it used to be.

“It’s hard to leave my family behind, especially with the baby being so young, but it goes with the job and you get used to it.”


buttonsin3s said:
all links to the story seem to be down just now.
Link working this end.

OB RF 1 SG, many, many moons ago. :)
Captain Diesel Job! Blimey, that ages me - I worked with his father in HQ Luncheon District!
Queensman said:
Captain Diesel Job! Blimey, that ages me - I worked with his father in HQ Luncheon District!
His father, Maj D-J, mad as a box of frogs, was my Company Commander for a bit, a great guy.
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