Right eye and medical

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I am interested in joining the army- I always have been but as I have a right eye that doesn't turn right I was always told by family that I wouldn't be able to but I am now looking into it further to see if I could. My right eye doesn't turn right and it is slightly inwards and so I have a slight head tilt to the left to compensate. It has been said I have 'duane's syndrome' but I do not think this has been confirmed although I'm quite sure it is that. My question is being my right eye, would that bring on problem in the medical and maybe disqualify me? or even be disqualified because it does not turn? It does't affect my sight but I am going for an eye test in a few days to get an eye examination. I am interested in joining as a health care assistant as I have an NVQ in Health and Social Care but I am also interested in a student nurse role.

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