Rigging Course Refresher?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tango, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Having taken my rigging course in Northern Ireland, and since been posted out,
    I was wondering if there's any kind of 'updater' course to do, in order to keep

  2. you could ask your local window cleaner, if you can borrow his ladders!
  3. obviously replace your rigging belt for a chamois and a bucket.
  4. Only if it's anything like those 70's films, phwoarrr etc etc
  5. Why is your real Name Jurgen?
  6. As far as i'm a aware we were told if you become unvalidated (less than 12 climbs in a year) you get revalidated by digby, by giving them a call and finding the next time they are going up stenigot and doing a day up there. Once they are happy you are safe etc then you are revalidated but must still make 12 climbs a year to keep it.
    Was this any help.
  7. Who and What validates one of these said 12 climbs. Is it a flight of stairs?? A climb onto a cherry-picker wearing relevant safety equipment for working at height??

  8. ring Digby would seem to be the sensible answer
  9. My My puma you have been busy, 22 posts in just over a day.

    Obviously u are mistaken, as u are not sat at this pc, I AM
  10. not that busy
    but then again i was not sat at this pc for a while!!
  11. Current thinking in NI is you have to re-qualify by doing the whole course again which is now 3 weeks long. Or it was about 6-12 months ago.
  12. defo worth keeping your rigging up to date
    loads of work out there for riggers if you know where to look :thumright: