Rigger course?

Guys after a little help,

Who runs the rigger courses for underslung loads?

Is their a DIN for it? I ask as we may need to do this prior to deployment,

Any help as always greatfully accepted

Cheers, HS.
Joint Helicopter support squadron @ RAF Odiham I believe are the experts now you can get their phone number quite easily if you search RAF stations on DII
Have a look at ABN 45/10 regarding the re-organisation of training. If your in the North RTC Scotland are running Rigger/Marshaller training. 9 4748 5594.
Cheers all
Ref R/M courses at RTC(Sc)...51 Bde, we no longer run them, I checked today, this is due to the demise of 4 flight (?) AAC in Edinburgh.

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