Riga. Latvia

Discussion in 'Travel' started by chokinthechicken, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Going to the Latvian capital at the end of November for a stag weekend.

    Had a look on Yahoo, and it was given a very bad press.

    Any Arssers out there been, and if so, can you give a ''Heads up''.

  2. I was there roughly this time last year-a few of us went for a lads weekend away.

    We were a mixture of Navy (obviously), Army and civvies.

    We all thought it wasn't that great to be honest. It's not a place I'd rush to head back to-a lot of the nightclubs have got Russian staff who are ignorant as hell. Maybe we went there at the wrong time or whatever but something didn't click for me. I do have oppos who have been there on ship's visits who said it was an excellent run ashore though....

    We stayed at http://www.franks.lv/ which was excellent for what we wanted-a place to crash and to get a shower and the bar stays open 24 hours a day.

    There is plenty of eyecandy about but we didn't even venture into any of the lap dancing clubs as the risk of getting ripped off is far far too high IMO. Be careful as we seen some unsavoury scenes where people had been ripped off and the heavies had got involved. The local girls can be very friendly though but don't expect any friendliness if you're turbo-shiters and part of your typical 'brits abroad on a stag do'.

    It's a nice city especially in the Old Town and there is an Arrser on here who lives there (Old Cossack)-he might get in touch with you if he's still about. He gave me plenty of helpful advice :thumright:

    Fork out the extra money and go to Pattaya in Thailand-you will not be disappointed!!!!!!! :D
  3. Cancel it and go to Tallinn instead. Safer bars, friendlier people and a more handsome city. If you need any further convincing, bear in mind that Riga is twinned with Slough...
  4. And we all know what John Bentjeman thinks of Slough.

  5. Fully concur with the above comments, I was backpacking through Eastern Europe with a South African mate and we stayed at a pretty cool and friendly hostel called "Out There"


    There seems to be a split between the people of Russian descent who basically don't like rich brits and yanks and then theres the Latvians who look more to the west.
    So yeah, avoid the red light type places as they will just see you as easy rich pickings, there were definitely some real dodgey parts of the city that you don't want to stagger into late at night!
  6. Please, Please don't do the pishing in public places and on monuments thing that so many Brits seem to indulge whilst over there.

    The locals already have this idea that Brits-On-The-Pop are only in the country to use the place as a gigantic outdoor toilet theme park.

    They are mostly friendly and often quite pro Brit but we are building a very bad reputation over there so try and do your bit to rebuld our rep with the Lat's eh?

    Other than that, have a great time :)
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I went there about 12 years ago, before it turned into a stag night toilet, and it was rather pleasant.

    If you look at the church in Riga, you'll still see the bullet impacts on the walls from the arrival of the Russians.

    Treated with some respect, you will find they are indeed pro British/West, and many of them REALLY hate the Russians.
  8. I caught an episode of 'Pished up Brits Abroad' and it was fcuking embarrassing. Talk about acting like a bunch of twats, maybe they were playing up for the cameras but even in my mongest state of ale I've never been like that. No wonder the locals were fcuked off with them.
  9. Thanks for all the advice lads, not into making an arrse of myself theese days, got a few youg un's going, will give them a briefing, then it's upto them. I will still have a good time though.

  10. Riga's great. Never been there on a stag do though.

    If it's cheap drinks, clubs, trippers, casinos that you're looking for then you can't go wrong.

    I would point out some classy bars that I've found there......but as you'll be on a stag do, I'd best not. I don't want it ruined for when I next go there.
  11. Go on Smudge, you can trust me, won't tell anyone!promise.