Rig work

Now I know this has been done or something similar, but I dont have much time to traul the boards for it. Basically Id like some information from any of the lads here who left to work on the oil rigs as to what jobs in the army they left and which jobs they have gone on to do on the rigs?
Was the transition relatively easy or hard?
How many weeks/months on and off do you do?
What is pay like?
Did resettlement help you out with any of it?
And basically any other bits of useful info you may have,

For feck sake, don't be so lazy. It's at the top of the 'Outside the wire' forum, all the answers you seek are there I imagine - got to be faster than waiting for someone else to reply with all the info in this thread.
Wow, I actually thought that there was no way this could be answered in a childish way for once, obviously I was proved wrong by someone who needs some social lessons. Nice one. I shouldnt have even replied.
The thread you are looking for is directly underneath this one! TA Sig was simply pointing out your apparent eyesight problem.

Was that grown up and social enough for you? :roll:
Tail between my legs, yes Im idle and didnt think about this forum for the required info. Thanks for kicking my fat arse in the right direction. Ill shut up now.

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