i reckon i would just keep going up we have had the A1, and are currently on A2, A3 rumoured to be in pipe work so next the A4, A5 until we run out of numbers and while everyone has moved on to fazer guns we will be stuck on SA80A16

I would never try and secong guess HMG on any issues invloving spending money.

But I would guess we are going to be stuck with versions of the SA80 for a few years to come.
heard it straight from the horses mouth gordon himself told me its not going to be replaced cos its far more important that any spare money is spent on mozzy nets for Africa

and social security payments for those poor misunderstood Muslim fellows with half a dozen kids that need supporting
I seem to recall carrying an LMG into Gulf War I, with Bren Mk ? with 2 deep score lines through it etched into the weapon, can see the same happening in 40 years time with the weapons the Army has now!

Looks like the Americans are currently looking at an all singing, all dancing new gat designed by the FN people, (lucky them and their Gold hauls from the Philipines and Europe during WWII) we on the other hand seem to use our Defenc for all our other money problems i.e. just move the cuts over to the Military Budget! ...
insert-coin-here said:
The way this government have been running things I would imagine we will have to resort to throwing our own dung at the enemy by 2013.

By 2013 we won't be allowed to close in and kill the enemy, it'll be against human rights. If we so much as look at Muslim who's holding a weapon in the wrong way he'd take the British Army to the cleaners.

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