Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The-Goose, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. So, the largest recent amalgamation. Has it eventually worked or is the jury still out?
  2. Its not the most recent amalgamation but it seems to be working out. Reading posts on Arrse shows that the chage to the term "Rifleman" for a private soldier was well liked, also the chance to go Commando 8)

    It hasn't stopped them from being effective on Ops either. "The Lions of Basra" is a hard-won nickname earned by 4 Rifles and a joint TA/Reg company, working under the leadership of 7 Rifles, has just returned from the Stan after a succesful tour.

    I am sure that we will hear more positive things about the Rifles in the months and years to come.
  3. Well that was April and now it's October - have to say I have heard lots about Paras, RM and Royal Anglians, but not a lot about the Rifles (are they under cover??)

    edited to spell Para right!!!
  4. At the mo there's 1 and 6th Rifles out in afghan working with Royal, the tour has only just started but I'm sure both the reg and Ta Rifles will do us proud, hope u all come home safe and sound
  5. I have not one thing to say agianst them - although my previous comments could be seen that way.
    Good on them and bring them home safe covered in Glory - good old Inf!
  6. Hi well i'm not in the Rifles yet. But start my training for the Rifles at Pirbright on the 2nd of November. And i hope to join Rifle 1 commando. And do my all arms commando course. Which i've been told to tell them as soon as i get there.

    Yes there was an amalgamation. But look into the Rifles and the regiments that were amalgamated. Steeped in history. All started out offically with the 95th Rifle regiment in 1800. We did have experiments going back to 1775 with rifles(but they were just for back up in normal line infantry,redcoats). About 1000 type 1776 rifles(back up) and about 100 Ferguson rifles. Captain Ferguson was the first to have a experimental rifle corp in about 1777. And trained them to use there rifles properly and to skirmish(modern infantry) and to take pot shots from behind trees. Ferguson went out to America with a rifle corp. And they proved there selfs very well at the battle of Brandywine aganst George Washington. Even though Captain Ferguson got badly injured(shot through the elbow). And later lost his arm.

    Well thats very quick history. If your interested i can suggest books to read.
  7. I was under the impression Infantry training was conducted at ITC..
  8. So was i. But it says Pirbright for some strange reason. I am a little dissapointed as i want to go to ITC. I'm swearing in next week. Will ask whats going on then.

    Edited to say. Maybe its because of Christmas. I don't know what happens at Chritmas in CIC. But Catterick is 8 hours on a train away from me and Pirbright only 2 hours. Maybe because of that? Not that i really want to be home for Christmas i would rather get on with the course!
  9. I promise you lad, your not going to be joining the Rifles anywhere but through ITC..
  10. isn't Pirbright the training centre for the RLC now?
  11. I know Smiths. Thats what all the litrature says and what i was told in the briefing at recruit selection at Pirbright. And on the DVD they gave me in the formal interview at recruit selection. I'm very surprised! And somehow think its a mistake. Maybe a typo.

    On my enlistment papers it does say Rifles!

    Here what the actual letter says!
    Mr bloggs With reference to your application to join the regular army, I am happy to inform you have been allocated a vacancy with the Rifles. You are due to start your military phase 1 training on 2nd November at ATR Pirbright.
  12. Well enjoy your time in the RLC and transfer later?
  13. As you originally asked the basic answer is Yes it has worked much to my annoyance as a previous green Jacket.
    As pointed out 1 Rifles are with 3 Cdo Brigade in Afgan, 2 Rifles just did a recent deployment to Kosovo and the other Battalions are preparing to deploy.As for my own Bn,4 Rifles, we have just gone from CT nothing to CT4 (Ex druids Dance/Wessex Warrior) in 5 months and proved and defined the concept of Bulldog in the conventional theatre of operations and now stand on SSFI.

    I must admit at the time I thought the amalgamation was bad from a Green Jacket position as both our Bn's were in good shape but the amalgamation has given us more stability and also a greater oppurtunity for employment and promotion with 5 Battalions to move around. Yes part of me longs for the good old days of the 'black mafia' but we as the Light Division always look forward and try to be modern in thought. We almagamated voluntarily and some infantry regiments have had it forced on them. Perhaps best of all its not the Para's always grabing the headlines. I just hope that one day it doesn't lead to the infantry being amalgamated into 1 large regiment rather than what we have now but with this government who knows?
  14. Its good to actually hear from somebody in the Rifles Patchemup. Thanks for sharing the information.

    Smiths thanks for being persistant. I phoned my careers office to see whats going on. It is at Catterick. They have a new secretary! Who got it wrong.

    I had been told in loads of briefs at selection and on the dvd thats its at Catterick and checked the Rifles site out and Cattericks.