Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SmithsRail, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. To become a member of a RIFLE unit do you have to pass any additional tests/better fitness times etc than to join a different Infantry Regiment such as STAFFORDS etc?

    cheers in advance for any decent replies.
  2. No, but if you want to go Commando with 1 Rifles then you will need some additional phys
  3. eh? Rifles have a Commando section? o_O attached to 3 cdo bde?
  4. Any idea where I can get anymore info on 1 Rifles? there website is a bit bleak to say the least. Do they have to take the RM Cdo tests or..
  5. ye cheers I've already seen/read it although unfortunately it has no information on the fitness side of things..
  6. No, 1RIFLES is only attached to 3 Commando Brigade, you aren't actually Commando qualified ie awarded your commando dagger and flash.
  7. As Rfn Warrior say they are part of 3 commando brigade, so a training for an amphibious/commando role.

    Guys have been told that they don't have to do the course due to the current, operation commitments and training time avaliable.

    I think its a case of it disirable, but not a requirement.
  8. Actually a fair few of the 1 Rifles blokes in a sandy hilly place are wearing the dagger.
  9. Like waitout said, the choice to do the course must be optional. Once a Rifleman, Always a Rifleman as the saying goes.
  10. I think he was nodding in the direction of the current operational tempo ( = the Army are a bit busy right now... )
  11. Come to think of it though, 3 Cdo Bge is the rectangle Cdo dagger, am i correct? And Rifles only wear Brigade flashes and the Union Jack.
  12. 3Cdo Bde formation sign is the dagger on a rectangle worn on the left sleeve.