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Can any one guide me as to how to determine if a fellow in my local pub is a Walter Mitty or the real McCoy?
He has advised me that he served with the RIFLES and that he has over twenty years of service.
Much of his Army accounts do not stand up to scrutiny and he is duping people and gaining benefits from his boasting.

I doubt he was a regular and suspect he may have been in the TA.

Any comments will be most welcome

Well the Rifles came into being in 2007 from almagamations of which regiments. He should be able to tell you that?
Tell him your a Danish tour guide, if he's gen he'll have his shovel in hand quicker than you can say "mini moke"!
He was RGBW, ask to see his back badge. What was his number, was it 243259729? If so, yes he is real. He was 5th man on the balcony also, but dont tell anyone.
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