Rifles & Time Team - the shame of the DE - again!

Dear all,

This year see's the formation of a once great regiment, the Rifles are reborn.

Yes Sean Bean is a bit of a ponce, yes having a Seven barrel Nock gun was not the weapon of choice for a Green Jacket in Wellingtons army, but what the 95th achieved two hundred years ago have been honoured by every Rifle regiment since with great distinction.

Now it seems that the DE are going to destroy the place that created the light infantry fighting style we all use today. Sir John Moore achieved this at Shorncliffe Redoubt in Folkestone, Kent. It is going to be featured on Time Team - February 11th on Channel 4 at 5.45pm and it is still under threat from being sold off to property developers by greedy civil servants

So we need your help even if you’re not a Green Jacket. The locals are up in arms to save this unique part of British Army heritage. Look up Shorncliffe Redoubt on Google and ask your RHQSEC to ask the Rifles what they are doing to protect and fight this injustice.


Chris Shaw
Shorncliffe Redoubt Preservation Society.