Rifles - the new No1 Commando?

the-nods-revenge said:
BLAH BLAH BLAH Just keep those self abusing dreams going..... cause No1 Commando will never happen!
Whats the Drama, with that, why dont you pillocks realise that it is going to happen(maybe not the name) so hows about you stop whingeing and whineing about it and act a little more professional and start giving 1 Rifles the benifit of your experence.

Or do you not realise the move by 1 Rifles is designed to Support your Role?
I think it will probably go along the lines of 1st (Commando) Battalion The Rifles myself
The-Daddy said:
Nelson needed the Rifles at Copenhagen in 1801 - two centuries later the Andrew needs 'em again!
Good point! Someone has to carry the Elsans and Savv Jars........


Booties hands full of roll mats then!
I'm guessing their are going to be number 1 commando. Although they may be numbered closer to the other army commandos like 54 (I think its 54) etc


jim4244 said:
ugly said:
Booties hands full of roll mats then!
Very good!.......I walked right into that one...... :scratch:
Or for one poor lad a nappy now!
Watched in the arrsse vid and he didnt swear as much as I would have!
Fred_Cat said:
Or maybe 3 CDO Bde RM will see the light and become 3 RIFLES Bde RM, adopting light drill as they rediscover their RMLI heritage.
The original title was 3 CDO Bde and consisted of:

1 Cdo, 5 Cdo, 42 Cdo and 44 Cdo

1 Cdo was formed from Territorial Divisions (mainly Scottish and Welsh). The 50+ units were formed in the middle east
The Daddy ..........spot on target.
Marines, maybe some Riflemen could re-supply you, via Gliders with some more surrender pouches a la EBAY.


cam_up said:
a hang on,
dose that mean we have to do AACC
If you dont know by now then you arent there and if you need to know you'll find out soon enough! :wink:
Can someone FROM 1RIFLES please tell me if the whole Bn is now required to do AACC? On my course there were 12 RGBW folks of whom 10 passed. The dit then was that the CO at the time was getting as many as how could through from whomever was free at the time just in case he was required to have them in the future. Post-amalgamation with D&D, what is the score now? Surely if the whole Bn is not required to gain their daggers then they can only maintain a 'support' role within the Bde which is pretty shit really. Especially when you consider the 'support' roles that 5SCOTS conducts within 16AA Bde.

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