Rifles service dress Serjeant stripes.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Big_C79, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know where i can get Rifles service dress Serjeant stripes? I have looked on Rifles direct, Ebay and all the other usual sites but had no joy. They are the dark green stripes on a black back ground. My tailoress didnt have any and clothing store were as helpful as ever, Im on a Drill course in a couple of weeks and am starting to wonder if they actually exist as nobody knows where to get them.
  2. Ask the QM in clothing stores to read off some of the contract numbers on the boxes for any other stripes or badges.

    They usually have Contract numbers on the boxes. Maybe something like FV 4/ 12345 for fighting vehicles or VTS3A1/ 7654 for radio stuff.

    The point being the alpha code usually denotes the Contracts Branch of the Procurement Executive. Then knowing that you could phone up the Contracts Branch and ask for their help. They could tell you where you could try for the special stripes you require.
  3. QMs mate. They hold them.. Ring around the various Rifle QMs inc 6 & 7. Try the tailors on Warminster if you want to purchase.

    Good luck on your course, and remember to shout till the flag pole wobbles or you'll end up with your head in a bush...
  4. Thanks for the quick replies, I think i'll give the 6 and 7 lads a shout. I just didnt know if they would be about before the new year. Im looking forward to having my head in a bush, no pun intended. Thanks again lads
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  5. Thanks alot mate. Thats the only site i've seen that has them. It's just the delivery window is cutting it close, I love fast balls, then when they tell you they haven't got the kit you need. I love paying for stuff that should be provided.
  6. If you type "Rifles Uniform PDF" into google, it comes up with your dress regs. I'm pretty sure that the Sjt's stripes NSN is in there.
  7. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nsn: 8455-99-974-2094
    Worn with: No13 (Pullover Order), No 14(Shirt Sleeve) Dress, Overalls & Greatcoats.

    Not worn with: No1,No2,No3 & No6 Dress or Combats.

    Correct form:
    Sewn onto olive green brassard for Pullover & Shirt Sleeve Order.
  8. Sorry to disappoint but since the course moved up to Catterick from Pirbright it's gone all PC.

    I did the basic course in the summer and was looking forward to drinking copious amounts of port and shoving my head in a bush but alas Comd ITC thinks it wouldn't be right for the chocolate frogs to see SNCO's getting pissed and thrashed (the square's on the way to the bayonet training area) so has banned it these days. Even the tour of camp is nothing like the horror stories!

    If you go down Richmond on Thurs nights I'm sure you'll still be able to stick your head in another type of bush though ;)
  9. That's disappointing... but from what I remember fo Richmond, it's rougher than a badgers arrsehole. The bush you stick your head in on a thursday night is probably the one the local 'havenots' have thrown you in for you rmobile.
  10. Not sure only went down once after the end of course p1$$ up so can't remember too much but the guys that went out there the 1st Thurs and also stayed both weekends found the local women to be rather accommodating