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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Gents

    As I understand it, the only person in the Rifles that carries a can is the CSM.

    Lately I've noticed a creeping tendancy for other SNCOs to carry the cane, one of which is actually an old RGJ-tipped one. The bloke claims he has grandfather rights ( cough ) but he is most certainlpy not the CSM He then says the BOS carries it.

    Whats the score?

  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Had this conversation last night, bizarrely enough. Don't the duty Sjt an Cpl have to carry a cane too? One for you, do the Rifles carry on the old RGJ drill of holding the cane at trail rather than tucked under arm?
  3. Bravo_Bravo,
    This is what I recall was RGJ practice.

    In barracks the only people who carried a cane where JNCO's who were COS and the SNCO who was BOS. WO's didn't carry canes.

    At the depot during drill lessons, and on passing out parades, the Pln Sgt carried a cane.

    On ceremonial stuff I have known SNCO's to carry canes, but again never WO's. WO's invariably wore swords. However, if Rifles were being carried on ceremonial stuff then everyone carried them (less WO's and OFFRS if they wore swords).

    So in my day canes were used by LCPLS, CPLS, SGTS and CSGTS, never by WO's or OFFRS....but I don't think there were any hard and fast rules exactly.

    As for using an old RGJ cane, well why not. Have you seen the price of a new Rifles one?

    Lt Div Drill is to march with the cane at the trail in the right hand and then shoulder it in the left shoulder (ball in the left hand, cane vertical) at the halt or on the march if you need the right hand free to salute.

    Tucked under the arm is a bit "it ain't half hot mum"...and possibly All Arms Drill, about which I know diddly squat.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Defo seen it done by the Heavy mob.
  5. There actually was a defined 'cane drill' in the 1920s (it's in one of the manuals), but was, I believe, much older.I seem to recall reading the cane was carried vertically on the right side (with the cap of the cane in the hand) when at attention or at ease, was carried at 'the trail' in marching and was placed under the disengaged arm when saluting (saluting to the right was carried out with the left hand until about 1916).

    Certainly before the Great War (and possibly in the '20s - but I can't be sure), no soldier would be allowed out of barracks, off duty, without a cane (a possible source of the term 'swagger stick')

  6. There is a Light Div Drill Manual, produced in the 1970's or 80's which includes cane drill as I described above. The manual isn't an Army Publication, but one produced by the Division for the LI and RGJ (too few were required for it to be worthwhile producing an Army publication I imagine. I have a copy.
  7. What an exciting chap you must be!
  8. Jackets had canes for everyone. It is a battalion thing. In 3 Rifles large canes are carried by CSM and Provost Sjt. A smaller cane is carried by RSM and Provost Cpl. Thats it, no duty MT rep cane etc.
  9. Dunno about all arms but it is correct for RA. Funnily enough the "concert party" was supposed to be gunners so I guess they got a little bit correct :roll:

    Our rules are a brown cane for WO's and they're supposed to carry it pretty much all the time, only the RSM and officers carry swords. Any SNCO drilling troops who have weapons should have a cane unless they have a weapon themselves, Bombardiers (Cpls) in training regiments should carry a cane. Anyone below WO uses a black cane.
  10. Each Bn has their own way but in reality every NCO and WO should have a cane.The Provo Sjt usually has a larger and thicker cane but God only knows why. The only officer entitled to a cane is the Adjt as he used to carry the CO's rifle. However their is no hard and farst rules..each RSM makes it up as the badge is passed on.In my opinion it is a handy way of keeping the PRI fund topped up due to the RSM saying NCO will do cane dril under his instruction.Never seen so many blokes trying to buy or find canes...any way back to sleep!!!