Rifles Question?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ging-gang-goolie, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    Sorry for missusing the Inf forum like this, but I have a question and hubby's being no help at all!!!

    I am an ACF instructor at a Rifles unit and we currently have a debate over the dress regs...shirts in/shirts out :? For working dress as opposed to ceremonial or exercise.

    Just after finding out what the party line is rather than uninformed opinion...

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give.
  2. Ask Jarrod - he prefers the shirt out!!!

    WAH!!!!!!!!! :D
  3. Are we talking shirt lifting?
  4. I knew posting this on a Friday night when you lot would all be leathered, would be a bad idea...

  5. Leathered!!??? We've no even got past aperatiff's hen... :D

    yer not Scottish are ye?....
  6. Yeah, give me two months...I'm moving to Edinburgh...!
  7. It's not a shirt but "jacket dpm combat lightweight". How often do you tuck in a jacket ?.... :wink:
  8. Two months!!??? It'll be nearly Christmas!!! Wait till the second week in January it'll be cheaper (incl. rents etc) unless yer movin back wi family (sorry if ye are).

    But ye missed the Fringe!!! It was fab!!! :D Catch the fireworks on the Beeb or STV on Sunday night :D
  9. As you happen to be a ACF instructor at a rifles unit...... I would suggest that you do the following:-

    1. Ask your Adult RSM for a copy of dress regs - he or she will have written this document following advice from your CO.

    If you can't find a copy, then speak to your Unit HQ.

    What the regs / TA / OTC do is always going to be different then what is done in Cadets?
  10. having been issued with KF shirt in the past, plus wooly pooley - we sweated buckets. We had a jacket as well (the bellows pocket one was rubbish).

    I'm in the habit of pulling the drawcord on the hem tight, and tucking the jacket hem "under".

    I know it makes sense to make use of lower pockets for storage, and some folk think it looks "ally" or "been in a while - trust me" kinda look...

    You're right though BL, but old habits die hard and I've not been gripped for it yet. But if you do up the collar on yer outer jacket and fold it over?...

    "That's a Corps thing!!! Sort it!!"

    Depends on the DS I suppose :D ...

    You ARE right though.
  11. Shirts tucked in.. as always. Well thats the way its done at Btn. Main different dress reg is we don't have stable belts OVER our smocks.. it looks f*cking stupid.
  12. Stable belts or green belts?
  13. Either bloody belt. No belts over smocks..
  14. I thought you left at Catterick.