Discussion in 'Infantry' started by steve_14, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. hey i have had a look with the search bar but nothins reli come up neway, i am currently half way throught my application process and now needing to decide on the regiment i want to join, i am really only wanting to join a light role Battalion but would love to join RIFLES am i correct in thinking that in RIFLES you dont actually get to choose what Battalion you join if not then i would rather join R IRISH as there 1 Battalion is light role and Air Assault.
    any more info would be much appreciated thanks
  2. I'd say base it on your local regiment. simples :D
  3. Where are you in the UK, and have you any family ties to either R IRISH or RIFLES? Both are very good Regiments. I'm trying not to be biased here :p
  4. well i live just outside london and i dont have family ties to any regiment i guess im the first one that army life appeals to lol. my AFCO told me all the localish regiments which were RIFLES, PWRR, R IRISH, R ANGLIANS and then guards which i really dont want to join. But for me its basically between RIFLES and R IRISH