Rifles or Mercian

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by joshrichardson, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Planning to head up to my AFCO within the next few days - I'm interesting in infantry, specifically light role, and after a bit of thinking the two regiments that appeal to me most are Rifles and Mercian.

    Mercian is my local regiment, whereas Rifles isn't - which is why I'm a bit stuck. I'm not sure if it's best to go with my local reg or a massive regiment such as The Rifles. Both seem very appealing and both seem to have great reputations. I'm worried I won't come to a decision!

    Is it best to talk it over with someone at the AFCO? Which decision will he push me towards? Regardless, it'd be great if I could get a bit of help here too.
  2. Go local mate.
  3. Cheers for the reply buddy - what are the benefits of going local compared to non-local?
  4. Go local keep the traditions alive. Also you will be waiting a long time for a place in the Rifles there very busy. Good luck though :)
  5. X59

    X59 LE

    No difference is there ?
  6. Mercians are undoubtly a great regiment and have more than proved their mettle in hot places and elswhere. The Rifles traditionally are a very different mob to be in particularly with regard to ethos and how they do things. I'm not talking about on the battlefield where all infantry battalions these days are simply excellent. I mean in barracks. Rifle green beret, black buttons, light infantry drill, do everything that is necessary and nothing that is not etc. Which ever one you choose in the end though, undoubtedly you will face a very hard training program to reach the high standards required by both regiments. Good luck.
  7. RGBW was my local Regt. I went RGJ. Really glad I did, never regretted it.
  8. You've not been in an LI BN have you? We're not called the Green Guards for nowt...
  9. The only reason Mercian seems like a great regiment to be in is because of the fact that it is local and I'd be tied in with people from where I'm from and it definitely seems like a family orientated regiment. I'm from Staffordshire so the batallion associated with the Staffs is 3 Mercian, don't know if this changes anything.

    Rifles seems like a great regiment because of the fact that they're all snuggled up nicely with 3 Cdo in the first batallion and the fact that they have quite a few light role batallions along with armoured and mechanized ones too. I've read on the Army Jobs site as well as the Army homepage itself that the regiment recruits from the West Midlands and has historical links there as well. Not to mention the size of the regiment itself is impressive.

    The best regiment in my eyes would be the one that provides me with the greatest or most experiences and training opportunities. Of course I don't know what that'll be without serving in either but hopefully with a bit of help from the people on here I can come to a decision.
  10. there isnt much to call between regiments now mate to be honest, but if you stick local there will always be people to get a lift home with or give lifts to earn some coin. use the same language etc etc et
  11. 2 years as a boy soldier at Shornecliffe and 4 and a half years with 1RGJ from 1971 to 1977.
  12. Starting to lean toward local, although because of the smaller size of the regiment compared to Rifles I'm worried I won't be open to as many opportunities or experiences! I really need to ask a member of an AFCO. Both regiments seem like great choices still.

    Thanks for the replies so far, more are welcome!
  13. Go for 3 Mercians mate, I served when they were 1 Staffords and have a few mates that are Sgt Mjrs etc still serving with 3 Mercian, if you work hard there are more than enough opportunities to do well and learn new things, there are lots of lads who will be from your area and it makes things easier as stated before. I have just joined 4 Mercian as I am too old now for re joining the regs. Go for it, give it 110% and you will get 110% out of it.
  14. go local mate i to was stuck between what reg to join and i opted for my local reg which was 3mercian i have not yet reached battalion ( passed out on 3rd ov sept and fly out to germany on the 6th october) but the lads iv met already going 3mercian i am happy i chose my local and dnt regret it plus i get to go and live in germany :D beer festival next month here i come :D
  15. Think I'm gonna stick local - thanks for all the help and advice!