Rifles or Local regiment ?

Hi, I’m looking on joining up soon and looking for some advice. I’ve got 2 regiments in mind, the rifles or my local regiment (Duke of Lancs) I’m basically wondering how much things would actually differ between the two regiments, I know the rifles is a lot bigger so there’s more chance for variety between light role or armoured etc. Would chances of being deployed be higher being in rifles or would it be fairly similar in both regiments? If anyone’s got any experience or advice that would help, thanks
Visit both and see which one you like more.
The rifles variety is a real selling point, however it doesn't matter what you are doing if you don't get on with the mates around you.

There are Rifles unit with strong regional affiliations as well - which can have its downsides as well.....
If you are from the North West, chances are some mockney sparra might call you "scouse" and that nickname follows you for a while (even more so if you object to its accuracy!)

More importantly have lots of patience and bone up on what to expect during the recruitment/training process, you may see from other recrutiing threads there are some disruptions and delays every now and then.


The only problem with joining a really large regiment is that you will be sent to the Bn which has the greatest need as opposed to a regiment with only one Bn (are there any left?). The regional affiliation in Rifles Bns has almost completely died out. The only folk still claiming that 2 Rifles is 1RGJ or 5 Rifles is 1LI are old farts who have long since retired.
The North West has been home to many of the founding regiments of the Rifles (Weeton Camp) such as the Gloucesters, LI and RGJ, not sure if DERR or D&D ever suffered Weeton so there is a fairly strong community of former Riflemen settled in the area.

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