RIFLES Officer's Mess Kit, No 1 Jacket, Service Dress, Cross Belt, Sword Belt and Hat

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by djf, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. djf

    djf Swinger

    I am selling my uniform now that I have left the Army. I have for sale:

    1. RIFLES Officer's Mess Kit complete with trousers and waistcoat. (The jacket has the old style square collar, looks much better. One of the leather straps that fasten under your boots on the trousers has some damage but still works well)

    2. RIFLES No 1 Jacket complete with Capt's shoulder boards.

    3. RIFLES Service Dress.

    4. RIFLES Regimental Blazer.

    5. RIFLES Officer's Peaked Cap (Size 58).

    6. RIFLES Officers Cross Belt (Not Sterling Silver!)

    7. Light Infantry Sword Belt (Not concealed type on sale at RIFLES direct but still works well)

    I am 6'1" tall and a 42-44 inch chest. I have a 34-36 inch waist to give you some idea of size. The uniform was all made by Kashkets in 2007 and was among the first RIFLES Officer's uniform made.

    All of this uniform has been worn and could do with a dry clean when you receive it.

    PM me of you are interested. It all has to go!
  2. Hi djf,
    Have you still got your mess kit for sale ? if so how much are your looking for ? infact if you could send me a price list for all of the kit you have listed it would be appriciated,

    I look forward to your reply,


  3. Do you still have the mess dress for sale ???
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the No 1 jacket, cross belt, blazer and forage cap, could you email me andy@protech.eu.com or call me on 07713 478340

  5. You might want to keep hold of the Blazer unless you're cutting all ties with the Regt?
  6. I have just become Drum Major of the Alloa and Biscuits Pipe Band and I need this kit to add to my collection of Walt uniforms ;)
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  7. Why? What's the adjutant going to do?
  8. Why? What's the Adjutant going to do?
  9. Frequent those toilets a lot do we? :)
  10. Do u still have the kit for sale needed urgently if you have ????
  11. Hi djf,

    not sure if you remember me I brought your Mess kit, this is probably a long shot but do you have you Service Dress and cross belt still ? if so I would be interested

    Drop me a line



  12. Surely you don't need service dress anymore with the onset of FAD?
  13. Have you still got your crossbelt for sale? If so how much?
  14. Might well be interested in the blazer - DB I presume? Please PM me with cost & postage.

  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Kit Reviewer

    The advert is over 3 years old.