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Rifles Hot or Not - Show us yer kit!


With due respect, maximum range from small arms is achieved by shooting at an angle of about 32 degrees from the horizontal. 45 degrees would be the optimum in a vacuum. Gravity works at a constant rate, regardless of the velocity of the projectile, but the velocity is dropping off from the moment it leaves the muzzle, thanks to air resistance. As a result, a bullet's trajectory is slightly hockey-stick shaped rather than being a symmetrical parabola.

Gunner officers, who are all blessed with far more brainpower than me, assure me that artillery projectiles are less subject to this effect, due to the reduced effect of air resistance at the altitudes that the shell flies through much of it's trajectory, and that the optimum angle (for range) is much nearer to the 45 degree elevation.

But SAA ? 32 degrees, +/- a degree or so.

Barrel inclination for .303 MkVII to impact at 2,800 yards was only 10o 10.5'

(Caveat. I don't know if that was calculated for a ground strike or a human height strike).

It still feels like a crazy elevation when you set that on the volley sights. Rather underlines how a careless high shot on a range can send the round over the hills and far away...
Was looking though some museum stock last year and came across a bit of wood and string, I asked what it was for, I said sighting a cannon. ? The lady said close it was to shoot the brown Bess at squares, I did not believe it until it saw a martini Henry with a volley sight on it that was a bit of copper with string. Have always wanted to know about them
Taken in 2019 allegedly.

How many SLRs are still lurking around in armouries?

I know shrivenham or how ever you spell it have some and there are some in the foreign weapons stands bag of goodies that opta/rtmc have access too, total numbers can’t be that high though

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