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[Here standard is 10,000 rounds of each caliber.;)QUOTE="RUCFOREVER, post: 8576830, member: 14856"]Here standard is 1000 for each calibre you own , I have seven firearms but two 7.62s so only 1000 7.62 allowed . If you can justify more then you can get them, one shooter I know, former Commonwealth Games rifle has several thousand .2 and 7.62 on her FAC.[/QUOTE]
I'm sure that is very interesting but to me P + V _ Z looks like this:

No offence, your cleverness is amazing. I'm just a user who sometimes listens to people.

I have seen some wire mesh versions. Also, if you don't know, the back end of the Sionics suppressor that was intended for the Ingram and used for many other applications used metal boot lace eyelets for the same purpose. We used nice brass eyelets and not the cheap ones as supplied by Sionics - we managed to source them at a shoe repair shop.

The eyelets were in the larger back end of the suppressor - the initial blast chamber.

There was also a suppressor which had a double wall and a small external screw valve, the interior wall was covered in very fine holes. The idea was you undid the valve, took some water in your mouth and squitted it into the suppressor through the valve. The natural tension of the water was such that the water would not come out through the tiny holes. Then when the first round was fired the water vaporised whilst cooling the gases of the blast, effectively reducing the noise.
Shades of Mitch Werbel!
Unfortunately no piccies, but on Friday I was having a blat on the local 100 mtr range with my rifle, when initially unbeknown to me or at least not noticed by me I was joined on the left by somebody with some large charcoal burning device and on the right by a man portable cannon. The man on the left opened up and produced instant smoke screen which took ages to disperse and as time is limited I had to fire under not exactly optimal conditions. Then the cannon, actually something in 338 Lapua Mag, opened up. So between the smoke from the left and the blast from the right my shooting went to pot, well that's my excuse. Almost forgot, the impact of the missile from the right produced instant sand storm in the butts.
I should have stayed at home.
Another fine resident of Georgia. Never met him, but spoke with his son once.
A strange pair the both of them. I met them and Ingram and got somewhat acquainted in the late 60s when they were at their Powder Springs location with the fledgling Military Armament Corporation.
A strange pair the both of them. I met them and Ingram and got somewhat acquainted in the late 60s when they were at their Powder Springs location with the fledgling Military Armament Corporation.
A senior was definitely a strange and interesting character from what I have heard and read over the years. Just so people know whom we are talking about: Mitchell WerBell III - Wikipedia.
Tikka CTR .308 in GRS Berserk. My 'go to' rifle at present.
One of the items in my late mate's gun cabinet was a 1960's BSF Bavaria 55 air rifle, precursor to the Weihrauch HW85 (Weihrauch bought the BSF company).
Even comes with an adjustable trigger & when shot it over the Chrony this afternoon, it's ticking along at 11.8ft/lbs.
Nailed a couple of rats no bother at all & I've a spare Pulsar NV scope lying around which should make vermin hunting from my kitchen door into the garden entertaining at night.

DSC_1679 (2).jpg

Even has an adjustable trigger, though I've not fiddled yet.

DSC_1681 (2).jpg

(ETA that's not a gun rack; it's the support part of my four position rod turner for getting an even finish after applying the epoxy varnish over whippings holding the rings onto fishing rods).
Yes, I've heard good things about the Bergaras too. Haven't had a go with one yet though.
From your link:
"With the exception of the German FG 42, this is one of the most difficult World War One or Two Display Machine Guns to find on the market today."
A few years ago a company with the name of German Sporting Guns made a semi auto copy of the FG42. They copied it from an original weapon from a private collection.
Here is a company doing semi-auto MG42 as the Yugo M53

Yugo M53 Gen3 by Wise Lite
Anyone know about the Yugo general quality? solely out of curiosoty
The Yugo Mausers have quite a good reputation, I'd expect their MGs to be of a similar standard.

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