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My good lady wife (ACF Officer) has recently taken command of her company. This company is affiliated to The Rifles (having recently rebadged from Light Infantry).

This means she will shortly be promoted to Acting Major.

I checked some of the senior officers on the Freedom Parade in Doncaster the other week and noticed that they wear a row of black oakleaves on the peak.

Mrs F is still wearing the old WRAC pattern Forage Hat that she was issued when God was a lad as, with a strip of black ribbon attached round the body, it passes pretty well as the right colour. I did think it might be a nice 'congratulations old thing' sort of pressie to get her a properly made female pattern Forage Hat made in Rifles colours (with said oakleaf embroidery).

I do remember eons ago seeing a link to a company that would make up individual hats for a reasonable cost (by appointment to Generalissimo Idi Amin I believe :D ) but can't remember where I saw it.

Can any of you fine chaps out there help?
According to the label inside it, my LI cap was made by 'Cardinal Hat Co Ltd 50 -52 Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR 071 639 1489'. Obviously the dialling code has changed and, as it is a few years since I bought it, there may be other changes too - they may be out of business.

I don't remember how I came to buy from them, but I think it might have been as a result of a heads up from RHQ, on the basis that they supplied the well known ripoff tailors and they would sell individually at a very attractive price.

I had to provide my own cap badge and, I think, chinstrap buttons - and the braid on the peak has tarnished somewhat, possibly because it has been in a plastic bag for about ten years. However, its a nicely made article for all that and perefectly regimental.
You might try Hobson's of London. They are or were a main MoD contractor supplying all things ceremonial from uniforms and headress to regimental colours and guidons etc. I doubt they would be the cheapest but you would be most likely to get what you need from them. I have bought my own headress from them over many years and when I was a recruit instructor I arranged the purchase of 30 No1 dress hats for one of my squads as they were so impressed with the quality of mine (the same type of hard top is now issued by the supply sytem instead of the "bus conductor" type). The last I heard of Hpbson's they were in Tooley Street, London Bridge but try a google search.
Mr Happy, he asked for a reasonably priced hat but yu seem to have directed him to Gieves the Thieves, the only tailor currently facing a RICO investigation by the FBI! Shome mishtake shurely??

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