Rifles Dress - 'Winchester Order'

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by WhiteRabbit, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Just read a couple of posts on the 'Officers' Shirts' thread in the Gunner forum where the Rifles Dress regs were brought up. The new updated, FAD friendly, dress regs seem to be out and have brought with them something called 'Winchester Order'. To wit:

    This is to consist of (and here lieth the rub);

    OK, the George boots come with FAD No.2 Dress now, but the Cumberband goes for £39.99 at Rifles Direct, which is also the cheapest place (for a change) to pick up a regimental blazer, to the tune of £349. Throw in the shirt and tie and a young Corporal might as well get himself a mess dress.

    I really can't see the thinking behind this option, well aside from the added utility of the blazer in post-service/off duty semi-formal events. Really just putting the word out, but would be interested to hear if anyone knows anything more behind this.
  2. I got my blazer from Harvey Malcolm in Liverpool, who were running a stand at the reunion one year. I paid £135 for a first class blazer, might be worth a search on Google.
  3. "encouraged and should be expanded to include those who are unlikely to afford Mess Kit"

    IIRC the Rifles blazer on Rifles Direct is about £200 so hardly the 'cheap' option.
  4. even stable belts have gone up about 10 quid since i had to buy mine
  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The OP posted that Rifles Direct charged £349, but to be fair their jackets are semi-bespoke. You send in a whole list of measurements and they alter to fit. There have got to be cheaper blazers out there though. Gurkhas wear the same style don't they? I wonder where they get theirs from now that Hong Kong has folded?