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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PM-88, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I was reading that the No1 and No2 Dress uniforms of the Rifles have a Croix de Guerre ribbon (and medal?) on both arms. I have not been able to see a picture of this though.

    If anyone can send or post me a image of what it would look like (or describe in some detail) then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Try the MOD website for the rifles, If I recall there was a link to uniforms showing this. I wouldnt get too excited in 7 years as a regular LI man I only wore No2 dress about 12 times. I never wore No1 dress.
  3. the CDG is a ribbon bar - no medals were ever worn.

    Ugly is correct - regular soldiers rarely wear No2s and very rarely wear No1s.
  4. Hi,
    Here is a picture of the actual medal, obviously we only wear the ribbon, the same shape and size as you do under your medals on the front of your tunic, on either arm approx 1 inch down from the shoulder.

    This is on Service Dress/No2's. Mess Dress and No1's

    Hope this helps



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  5. Yeah...great, thanks for the help! :D

  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Ah, but the LI were never as smartly dressed, well-turned out and as sartorially astute as Greenjackets!

    During my service, when the Rifle Depot was still in use, we mounted guard in no 1dress, then changed into combats. Guard commander and C.O.S that is.
    We did wear no 2 dress often, even in battalion.
  7. In 1959-60 we trialled the No 2 dress with 42 Regt RA, at that time we wotre a khaki forage cap with it and wore No 2s regularly but in 15 years I never wore No 1 Dress (Blues)
  8. Blimey if that isn't BULLSH!T - what IS ????

    BT. 8O
  9. contact Slade Bks at Oxford.....ask for the "bucksman"...he will supply you with all info..........as for the OXFORD CLUB......
  10. When 1LI were in Tidworth in the late 70's (Lucknow Bks) the guard wore No 2's until after 6pm when they changed to combats. Also wore puttees over their NI boots by all accounts. :roll:

    A very weird lot indeed though they blamed it on their RSM if I remember correctly.

    By the way OFH, I assume you were at the Rifle Depot in the early 60's or even before that ?
  11. with 2 LI in Germany back in the '90s I was guard 2 I/C a few times (always the bridesmaid!) and only ever wore combats, was never inspected, but the BOO & BOS wore No 2s up until 8PM then the BOO changed into Mess Dress
  12. Which part earned French CDG?

    Have worn Belgium (colours opposite way round) and French CDG in RH and Leeds Rifles (both TA)
  13. The Croix de Guerre was reinstituted in 1939 with the onset of the Second World War. The 2nd Devons and 1/4th KSLI (Reserve Bn) were awarded the Croix de Guerre during the First World War. Both Regiments were permitted to wear the medal ribbon on their uniform sleeves and this tradition continued within the Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry and 5th Battalion The Light Infantry - later the West Midlands Regiment. On the formation of The Rifles, the tradition of wearing the 2nd Devons Croix de Guerre ribbon on uniforms continued.
  14. Was next door in Mooltan Bks with 2 RGJ and I don't recall that, not that I spent my time worrying about what 1 LI were up to. Nodody wore No 2's on Guard at the Rifle Depot in my time, when was this you are talking about?

    I do remember 1 LI always wore green puttees, but whether they wore them over NI boots or just weren't allowed to wear NI boots in camp I don't know.