Rifles do things differently

I don't know if they still do but their predecessors, the Light Infantry, did things differently. Faster march, different drill and carrying rifles at the trail.

Other than that, they skive to the same extent as any other infantry regiment and go totally overboard with saluting and bracing up.
Yes. Rifles bull boots to a patent leather look. They also like spelling Sergeant with a 'j' and have a fetish for rifle green jackets.

Some also have a fucking annoying mannerism of saying 'wank durch' every fucking sentance.

My recruiting sgt told me rifles are pretty slack when it comes to admin and drill.
Then either you are a liar or you Recruiting Sergeant is. Now, let me guess....... But do not despair, a real Rifleman will be along soon to give you the abuse you so richly deserve for posting such a wank thread.

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