Rifles Cup Warcop

Anyone go? I was surprised at the amount of teams that went. Our Detachment were expecting like 30 teams to be there but to abismal of 3! Was an excellent weekend and i loved it! :D We came overall 3rd by about 5 points. My Detachment i think done a wee bit too much training on some things, and not enough on another. Like the Vehicle Recognition. We were learning around 80 military vehicles, land and air. Were as when it came to the stand, we had to name 10 vehicles that were smaller than toy size. Yet on our presentation on the Rifles History were we were dropping our knickers about, we won that stand which surprised us all. Anyone care to give me a SitRep on Rifles Cup Winchester? Whats the score with that? We haven't heard anything yet so it's all 'wait out' on that.
But yeah, did anyone go and how did they find it?

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