Rifles Chevrons HELP!

How do, the missus finds herself (well her cadet unit) in desperate need of some Rifles dark green chevrons, of the type worn on 2's or jumpers (or brassards). By friday.....

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone that I can get them off. I can travel within reason (Im in Swindon).

She needs...5 LCpl Stripes, 5 Cpl Stripes, 3 Sgt stripes, and a crown for a colour Sgt.

Help! Cheers guys.
I suggest a call to the Gloucestershire ACF HQ. I was working with them over the weekend and all the cadet NCOs had the new chevrons.
I'm Rifles down in cornwall and have been asking for rank slides and badges since the change over from LI to Rifles...the rifles have no rank slides for 'Officer Cadet' as I have just found out! but I shall ask them for your rank badges but I am sure I will get the answer I always get.


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You do know you have a platoon of 7 Rifles in swindon right? You have just missed their parade night, but maybe contact their coy HQ in reading?

I do know these things are in relatively short supply though...

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