Rifles Ca pbadge

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Hantslad, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Um, RGJ get the belt buckle, DDLI get the Crux du Guerre ribbons on the dress uniforms, RGBWLI get the back badge and the LI dont appear to have to change much.
  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Well 1st Bn will be returning to their roots, no?
  3. You mean “But what about the RGBWLI and the DDLI?” don’t you? Does that give you a clue? As for the RGJ, this is the middle of their current cap badge, enlarged, with the crown from the top of their current cap badge. And looks pretty similar to the cap badge of the 95th Regiment, the Ox and Bucks, is a bugle horn, the universal symbol of light troops, etc etc.

    What more do you want? A cap badge the size of a bog seat incorporating every aspect of every former Regiment’s history? Bugger of and join the heavy infantry.
  4. Strikes me the RGJ have been shafted. What was the LI motto? Or is that purely RGJ?

    Ref the RGBWLI, do all the rifles wear a back badge or will it just be the Bn that absorbs the RGBWLI?
  5. The new cap badge is extremely similar to that of the Ox & Bucks LI, which.......went on to form the RGJ.

    I couldn't give a toss personally, except to say that it might have been an idea to put an actual rifle on the cap badge.
  6. 'The Rifles' seems a 19th Century name for a 21st Century organisation.
  7. Anyone got a photo or image of this capbadge?
  8. I disagree; I think the name sounds both modern and traditional. I think it's an excellent name.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's all battalions but only in dress uniform.

    As for the name, I'm unsure about it, seems to be a recruitment strategy ie come and join Sharpe and the lads and give the french a jolly good thrashing! They even have a pic of him and his chosen men on the website.
  10. ahhh, bout time they cut through the sh1t and just gave em back cool peninsular uniforms (as seen in Sharpe) and shakoes. at least as dress uniforms.

    *hehehehehe* just had a great mental image of 3 Para advancing in line across the poppy fields in the Helmand Province.... Pomp and Circumstance No 4 beating on the drums..... 80's at the present.... bayonets (bring back th 17in sword!) attached.....

    and YES! i know paras won't be rebadged 'Rifles' but it's the first mob that sprung to mind. have a go at getting that image in mind..... use whichever regiment you like....

    will the Rifles regiments go back to roots? King's Troop RHA have it's 13-pounders for ceremonial duties, so will the rifles colour party get Bakers?
  11. yup but clearly missed by some..!! ;-)
  12. fingers_1661 wrote
    The "Automatic Rifles"?