Rifles and former regts


Having failed miserably to organise a p1ss up in a brewery true pre ops for change 1 LI tradition. I have decided to get p1ssed in whitehall or near as damn on Salamanca day.
Feck it you are all invited, us grunts, ex, etc and attached ought to be bladdered more often.
No I havent recieved a payment from the Salamanca tourist bkoard for advertising, pm me when we have a crawl workked out!

p.s I must stop posting when minging!


Salamanca day BBQ on the Sunday is ok. I can organise a clay shoot for the morning and BBQ for about 2pm.
ugly, I am not sure that we will get away with a clay shoot in Whitehall, but Ken might sponsor the BBQ if we move up the road a bit and shoot pigeon.

Seriously, I think it would be great to do something on Salamanca day. Where were you thinking of doing it. If it is local to you thats fine so long as I can bring the wife along as chauffeur. I am also happy to give a few people a lift from South London.

I'll see if I can raise any interest in Arrse Social.

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