Rifleman Martin Kinggett grave vandalised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hadenough!, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Likely to be stupid teenagers messing around.
  2. How chavvy are some of those graves in the background?!?! Christ alive!

  3. More likely to be some of the cowardly bastards of the "socialist worker" type, who criticise anything to do with the military! You've only got to look at some posts in the press, calling our lads murderers, rapists etc! A good kicking is too good for them, send them to Afghanistan to be used as human mine detectors :twisted: :twisted:
  4. I'd go with the ManinBlacks suggestion.
  5. Somehow I feel MiB's view is more likely to be the correct one.
  6. Great minds and all that...
  7. The SWP couldn't vandalise a bus stop without leaving mis-spelled slogans daubed on the walls. Unlikely to be them.
  8. This really is terrible. I also reckon it was just mindless destruction by some idiotic yobs, probably Brahms too. I don't suppose there's a lot to be done against it, and I doubt very much whether the culprits will ever be caught. I wonder what would happen to them if they were? A punishing trip to Alton Towers maybe?

  9. We have them already...
  10. Sick b@stards.
    Hope their hands rot off.
  11. Fcuking hell, what is wrong with some people.
  12. Really? Not exactly a random attack, far too specific to be anything but a deliberate attack on a soldiers grave.

    This is a hate crime... not that the police will treat it as such.
  13. Or perhaps the only grave covered in lots of tributes and wreaths so stood out? :roll:
  14. Fully agree MsG,

    IMO: The hatred unlikely but they'll always be anti-military low life scum wanting a sick kick out of this type of act :evil:

    does'nt matter if it's being heckled in the street by protestors or a grave been defaced by idiotic yobs this type of thing is caused by a minority of society which could'nt care less and know full well they can get away with it in todays times,

    Utter disgrace :(