Rifled shotgun barrels

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Gassing_Badgers, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Reading through the Home office 'guidance to the Police' document, at section 3.2.ii), it states prohibited weapons include:

    any self-loading or pump-action rifled gun other than one which is chambered for .22 rimfire cartridges (section 5(1)(ab));

    It would therefore appear that buying an additional rifled barrel (for the purposes of hunting with slugs) for a pump-action owuld be illegal, even with a FAC.
    Has anyone clarified this with the police, and if so, why is it consider perfectly ok to own a magazine fed full-bore rifled with a bolt-action, and not a pump-action slug gun (which would generally have a lower magazine capacity and effective range, even when firing sabot)?
  2. a rifled barrel for a pump or semi shotgun is section 5 and not allowed on a FAC.
    you are not allowed semi or pump action centerfire rifles, a rifled barrel for a shottie fits into this catagory.

    yes, it is stupid that pump-action centerfire firearms are considered like semis under UK law.
  3. Shotguns with greater magazine capacity than 3 rounds have to go on an FAC as Section 1. A shotgun with a rifled barrel is also technically a rifle anyway, and so Section 1.

    The hallowed authorities in their wisdom evidently decided that pump-action full bore rifles look and awful lot like a semi-auto, and thus drew the "prohibited" line to include them....
  4. Thanks for that, both of you. I thought it might be as simple (as as shortsighted) as that!

    Looks like I'll just have to store the rifled barrel for my Mossberg 'offshore' for hunting trips, and buy a centrefire rifle for the UK.

    Interestingly, many parts of the US ban hunting with rifles during Firearms season, as slug guns are considered to have a lesser effective range, and therefore 'safer' in areas where hunting lands adjoin residential areas.
  5. If this is a wah then you probably already know that the slug carries the rifling for solid slug "shotguns" have no rifling if they did they would not be shotguns. To my knowledge shotguns have never been rifled, that is not to say it has not been done but not for mass production. There were shotguns made with a rifles barrel under the shotgun barrels so farmers could slot foxes. But these would require FA certification. Insert barrels would also be the same. By the way slug will kill at half mile aiming it would be tricky though, however at fifty metres slug will turn you inside out and is very high on the list of things not to be shot with, my personal belief is breaching round would be worse but slug delivers a massive amount of energy 1 oz of lead hmmm.
  6. Popular in th US.... Pump Action Shotgun - Model 870 Express Slug - Remington Shotguns
  7. The standard military/police spec 870 wingmaster is widely used out here in Canada, the solid slug ammunition used is the low recoil version and the slug itself "rifled" as opposed to the barrel. Other than that the only real difference to a standard 870 is a 5 round magazine.
  8. Yup..that's what we (used to) use here., but the new generation are rifled barrels for better accuracy.
  9. [no_wah]In the US, pump guns such as the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 are frequently sold as a 'combo'. The regular smoothbore shotgun barrel can be unscrewed and replaced with a rifled barrel. When firing sabot bullets, this gives the weapon the ability to attain a 2.5" 5-round group at 100yds.[no_wah]
  10. Bernster - no wah.
    you can get rifled 12 gauge barrels for slugs, most big US makers like mossberg and remmie offer them, quite popular they are too.

    Edit - beaten to it by GB.
  11. An then there was the Paradox.
    Put simply, a Paradox is a combination gun that can fire both pellets like a shotgun and bullets like a rifle (A paradox round is a slug rather than a true bullet), by means of a rifled choke.

    Press Release
  12. One can also get rifled chokes for shotguns with screw in chokes. The jury seems to be still out on the use of these in the UK.

    The Paradox was a shotgun with the last 6 inches or so rifled. My mate had a Holland & Holland one with a burst barrel.!
  13. Nice, apparently we might be upgrading ours soon and a rifled barrel makes sense if you're firing slugs.

    I do like the 870 though. Nothing more satisfying than the "sound of **** off!" as my firearms instructor described racking it.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Slugs only have rifling if cast with it, many arent, I cast slugs on a commercial basis (havent sold any for a year or two) but they werent rifled, would go well in a Paradox which are UK legal, sadly completely rifled barrels are a no no. If you peek into the US forums many tests have been done with plain and rifled slugs in smooth and rifled barrels, its a big business over there as the shotgun season (deer etc) is longer than rifle, shorter than muzzle loader and again bow.
    I load my own (or rather used to) I use an Ithaca 37 8 shot deerslayer police special from the 1980's and its good enough to group respectably at 100 yds on a fig 11.
    My FAC is conditioned for boar and ground game with it!
  15. This is some interesting stuff, I have always loved shotguns, the Remy 870 and saiga 12 being my current favourites. They will in my opinion always have a placed close up, in buildings as anti personell and breaching along with CS delivery. I alway felt the mossburg and lots of other more gucci makes were to complicated.
    But back to the main point, if it's rifled it's not a shotgun, I am happy to be corrected but I think I am right.