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Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts

It is not often that one is indebted to the Guardian. But the headline "Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts" is possibly an exception.

Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts | Education | theguardian.com

There was I thinking that moobs were the result of middle age, too many burgers, and excessive indolence. But now we know differently!

However, the article leaves one vital question unanswered: is there a qualitative difference in the firmness and shapeliness of the man boobs of those who toted a weapon with wooden furniture, compared to those who had to settle for plastic?
I served with a lad that had a single 'puppies nose' sticking out under his Bty T-shirt. Wally-One-Tit was his C/S.
I don't think the cause was over indulgent Gat waving. More likely simple hormonal freakery, the freak.

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