Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts

It is not often that one is indebted to the Guardian. But the headline "Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts" is possibly an exception.

Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts | Education | theguardian.com

There was I thinking that moobs were the result of middle age, too many burgers, and excessive indolence. But now we know differently!

However, the article leaves one vital question unanswered: is there a qualitative difference in the firmness and shapeliness of the man boobs of those who toted a weapon with wooden furniture, compared to those who had to settle for plastic?
I served with a lad that had a single 'puppies nose' sticking out under his Bty T-shirt. Wally-One-Tit was his C/S.
I don't think the cause was over indulgent Gat waving. More likely simple hormonal freakery, the freak.
In my mind it would also appear to justify beating one's girlfriends to achieve improvement.

Cheers The Guardian.
Does this mean I may have inadvertently married a bloke?
Is this what happened to nobbyd-cup?
So I should get my splitarse to throw a gat round, rather than fork out a few grand for implants?
Is it a tribute to the brave warriors of the BAOR?
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