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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Jubbles, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone I have a bit of a dilemma

    My grandpa is near to kicking the bucket and has asked as for one of his final wishes that I take my Lee Enfield up to him for him to hold etc as this was the rifle he learnt to shoot with, fought with in WW2 and later in greece and so is particularly fond of said bit of kit and wants to hold one for one last time.

    however I can see there being the occasional concerned individual when they see a person walking into a care home with a rifle. I have of course already phoned the care home for permission but do I also need to phone the police?

    are there any other precautions required?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Check its not loaded?

    Joking aside, why not just put it in a gunslip of some sort and dont advertise the fact? I would imagine plod would be more hassle than constructive....
  3. Golf is a fine game.
  4. Contact your local firearms officer via your county website. The rifle will require you to hold a section 1 firearms licence for possession in a public place, unless you know someone who holds the licence who is willing to transport and have 'control' of the weapon with you.
  5. I have a FAC the rifle is mine, gunslip well yes of course it will be in one till he gets his mitts on it, just wondering what the law says about moving firearms through and into public places when its not in the process of going to a shoot.
  6. Put it in a fishing rod bag, and tell them you are after salmon
  7. I don't think there is anything in law about having to be on the way to a shoot; the law only says the gun should be covered in a public place.

    A dealer of my acquaintance hands over sold guns to his customers in completely clear plastic bags - ie the gun is fully on view. His county Plod have confirmed that this is completely within the meaning of the law - ie the cover demonstrates that the gun is not being used, and is not there to conceal it from view.

    If the nursing home has agreed, and if your grandpa is in a room or place where some hysterical anti-gun nut can't see him by accident, then there should be no issue at all. He might have to fight off all the other old buggers who also want a go.....
  8. Your covered by fac so possession and control is no problem, you say you've already covered your bases by letting the care home know, so legally, you're free to move it. There's no requirement for you to let your local station know, as long as the weapon is kept with you and not left in the car unattended whilst you 'quickly nip into a shop' etc
  9. 4(T)

    ok, sounds like a smooth operation then, think I actually might end up handing the rifle about a fair bit and not to mention keeping a close eye on it, lord knows one of them will probably try and keep it haha

    might be a good idea to take another 5 or 6 rifles and a couple shotguns up there for a good photograph
  10. If the rifle gets him going, maybe its an opportunity to make a voice or video recording of his memories - last chance to capture that bit of history, etc.

    For your interest, one area of Lee Enfield history that is still not clear is when and where troops swapped their old No1 rifles for "new" No4s - and what they thought about them, etc. Even mundane detail about how often they zeroed their weapons, or if they carried the same rifle all the time, or how they prepped their ammo before combat - this is all stuff that is missing from most veteran accounts.

    p.s. on the security side, better just make sure your grandpa hasn't proffed a .303 round and is planning to go out with a bang..... now THAT would take some explaining to Plod.....
  11. I think I wont ask him about the war unless he breaks the subject first, don't think it would be right for me to open it up, i'l have a think about it but rest assured il ask if it comes to it, stand bye for a new topic and details as of tommorow.
  12. a guitar case/bag always confuses everyone too! hehehe 8)
  13. Last gun I bought left the shop in 2 tesco carrier bags
  14. Why not track down some blokes from his Regiment, or its descendants?

    Not just Old Soldiers, but serving, too. I suspect that a chat with some Squaddies would mean a lot to him as well as the blokes.
  15. Police will be more hassle than help, and there is literally no legal need to involve them. You have an FAC, you can possess it and transport it. Care home are happy for you to take it in, so it's not armed trespass.

    Do the obvious thing and put it in a slip, and keep it out of sight except for when you actually get it out for him, but other than that no issues.