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Having a mong moment. I've been reliably informed that this is on the BAEBB Dvd, but I can't find it. I dont think the disk is running as it ought to, so i'm going through the folders rather than any menu screen?

If anyone can give us a steer, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks :soldier:
If the DVD Drive is F:

This is a link to AATAM


and this is a link to the Infantry Pocket Book with Pl Comds considerations etc.


Hope this helps

Ops O


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Roger. Thanks very much, just looked them up. However I'm looking for the Rifle Platoon Commanders tam - like the one you get to spend hours waterproofing at Brecon. I guess it's not on the battle box?
Go to this page:


Explains that AATAM replaces TAM parts 1 & 2 and that the Cdrs Pocket book replaces Special to Arm Insert

Also gives links to other inserts (HERRICK etc)


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Gleaming. Thanks. Very useful for the 9/10 liners.

I'm fairly current from Brecon, and it was my understanding that there was a seperate Aide Memoire for Section Cmdrs, Pl Sgts and Pl Cmdrs? That the AATAM and Inf pocket book was seperate? I probably am wrong though.
You are welcome.

You may be right about separate stuff but I haven't heard that. If so, it doesn't appear in the BAEBB. You might want to go to D Inf. That said, if you are going to the 'stan, or training for it, you probably want to stay within the domain of what is available, and therefore common, to all.


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I think a trip to the IBS is in order.

Thank you for all your help. You're correct, commonality is highly desirable!

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