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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wolverine9314, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. All,

    Can anyone provide me with a link to PAM (5?) relating to Weapons drill other than in the E Battlebox. The network isn't configured properly and I can't get in. Reason for wanting this is simply, because I am rusty.


  2. It's not the PAM, but try this.
  3. Thanks BZ, much appreciated, although that trainer doesn't have the actual weapon drills I'm after. Anyone else help?
  4. I take it you after PAM 5, AC71807 with amendment 3.

    "The SA80 A2 (5.56mm) system 2004"

    If you are i willing to download it and email it to you, however its about 8Mb in size so not sure if it would go through the DII(F) system. if you do let me know. PM me
  5. PM me i have it in disk if that fails
  6. Thanks all. G_O_L_D PM sent.
  7. I'd hang on a for a few weeks - Pam 5 - 2009 is currently being printed and is due to be dished out to units about end of Mar to beginning of Apr (hopefully in 2009 & not like like Combat 95, Pay 2000 etc... :oops: )
  8. Like the new PAM 21 we are waiting on :? ..........
  9. ER,
    topand bottom of ALL pages says "RESTRICTED" CHAPS careful who you ars sending this to , Remember OP SEC, could be some Taliban sympathiser trying to get heads up on our kit