Rifle ownership - Tanzania

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by muzungu_marlow, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Being run around in circles by the local authorities here, anyone have any ideas about the regulations out here for non cititzens buying firearms? Really just looking for a .22Lr to get rid of the dogs in the local area.
  2. difficult for non citizens unless on a hunting license. Some flex for Kenyan Citz.
    Check to see if local askaris are feeding strays when on duty, the dogs are hanging about for a reason.
    Paying a local kid with a catapault can work, but you may need to get something a bit punchy in from UK, inner tube isn't brilliant for range
  3. something tells me you're a local, whereabouts? The warrier boys are stationed locally, although they tend to use the german shephards. What about air rifles? Cant find any locally but thought there might be a stockists in dar?
  4. Have worked in EA a bit.
    Askari as in night watchmen/guards not military.
    low tech local solutions best in Dar, not a big market for air weapons. Get some one in UK to send you out one of these

    Use with steel ball bearings or marbles, very good for dealing with monkeys as well...
  5. I had to get a letter from the BHC certifying my fitness to carry a firearm - a bit of a bind, considering the British ban in handguns. If the police chief in Arusha is of the same turn of mind as the one who I used to deal with there, a couple of hundred bucks will do the trick...

    For dogs, get a good catapult. Sport as well as vermin control, and you won't be had for accidentally putting holes where you shouldn't.