Rifle L85A2 CES question

Sometimes i feel i am talking to a brick wall. Do i explain myself correctly? so i speak slowly enough? Right my problem is this. On my E.T i hold so many rifles complete to CES. Now some are SUSAT and some are iron sight. On my CES maintenance account i hold the rifle because its a P2 class item and the SUSAT also and that is all! So now a clown is telling me that all my magazines have to be on and also all my bayonets. I am refusing to do this because A) they are not P2 items and B) because they are CES items. Does anyone else have theres on account? I feel i am right. The way i argue it is that, well you might as well put everything onto the CES account then such as tools for vehicles, the whole shabang! Am i just being bone idol and difficult?
E-mail BOWO.

Get definitive answer, in writing.

Use definitive answer to **** those off who say different.
dingerr i would e mail my BOWO, however, he would then ring me and thats my life gone for the next 3 hours as he can easily outalk any woman and its in the broadest of Geordie accents (think of Jimmy Nail in Auf Weidersehn Pet)

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