Rifle ignorance - what is this weapon?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by OldSnowy, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having seen this picture on page 7 of this month's SOLDIER magazine, I was intrigued - what is the weapon of the man kneeling in the foreground? It doesn't look like an AI piece, but given the modifications available now, I really can't tell.

    Picture at link:

    Over to the experts....

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  2. I think we settled on HK417 It's in another thread somewhere.
  3. This pic came up on Milphotos again recently, (in high rez,) concensus was it's a US marine SAM-R.

    With a quick bit of hunting....
  4. My money would be on it being this..


    The LM&T L7, the new DMR for the British forces.....supposedly.
  5. I can't read the markings properly... is it .223 or a big and manly .308?
  6. Man sized,..... .308
  7. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I don't think it is the L7, the gas block looks completely different. Also, the RAS on the one the squaddie is holding doesn't appear to match the L7's. And the squaddie-rifle appears to have the standard M16 type mag release catch, whereas it looks like the L7 has an ambidextrous mag release catch.
  8. Yeah on balance it fit's the pic better...but the one I posted is (I'm 99%) the new Brit DMR.....although the guy who told me, is not happy.
  9. why isn't he happy?
  10. Because it was chosen over the HK417.

    LM7 is basically a 'militarised' civvy target rifle and while its a trifle gun-geekish I believe it uses direct gas impingement and AR-15 style bolts/gas systems are known for being fiddly buggers to clean/maintain

    The HK417 uses a short stroke gas piston design so you get less muck in the chamber/bolt face.

    The LM7 also lacks full auto and as you can see is a long gun, the HK417 at least has a telescopic stock, full auto and a barrel better suited to military loads/number of those loads put through it.

    Only advantage I can see the LM7 having is price as 'ze Germans' are known to price their kit (Somewhat justifiably) quite high.
  11. doesnt make sense to me,

    i think you'll find the mod have bought hk 417s it doesnt make sense for them to buy a completely new weapon of an american company.

    most ar 10 types can take an telescopic butt
  12. It is a standard issue (USMC) M-16. It was "borrowed", along with others, from the the USMC prior to Panchai Palang. The bloke who sorted it out was a Master Sniper attached to the Light Dragoons.

    He got them for all the spotters as he thought it would a better solution than the L85A2. I can't say if it was but it did the job.

  13. I know most AR varients can take a telescopic but (after all its just a choice of what you stick on the buffer/recoil spring tube) and that HK417s have been procured...but apparently only for issue to certain people. The LM thingy above is apparently meant to be a more general issue thing and while it would be nice to give everyone who needs one a HK417 I imagine the cost would be prohibitive.

    And since when has making sense and the MoD gone hand in hand? :?

    Anyway, I'm just a spotterish civvy with some hearsay info is all, winding neck in :)
  14. Maybe we should trial the two against one another?
    CHEERS glad to know the feedback helpled!

    (editted because too much bile and vitriol is bad for me)