Rifle Drill


I would like to teach some rifle drill and all of the sncos have small bits of info but nothing consice
could someone clear it up please
videos or websites would be good


You might get a reply if your post made any sense.

What rifle drills, teach to who, videos of what?????


Not being funny, but surely whatever unit your in, has qualified drill instructors for this purpose.

Why do you need to learn?


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It's a shame they are allowed back into the community so soon.


You cant learn to teach rifle drill by watching a video, speak to your drill instructor and ask for some tips.

If you are about to start teaching drills, then i would assume you know how to perform the said drills yourself, this being the case, just teach what you know, if there are drills you dont know, then you shouldnt be teaching.

think about what you have just asked, contemplate and then don't ask stupid questions again.

NO, people on here will not help. If you have not been instructed on how to teach the rifle drills you want, looking at them on a video will not make you an instructor.

I know you think it's important, but it isn't. If your instructors haven't taught you that means that they don't want you to pass it on.

Now go to bed, it may be Easter but you still have to get up early to earn your pocket money
Can't blame the lad for trying.

You'll get more help and advice (possibly telling you the same thing :wink: ) here :


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