Rifle drill

Can anyone tell me what is the rifle drill movement to lower the muzzle to prevent rain getting in to the barrel. Probably before my time of .303 and 7.62 and more likely to relate to earlier rifles more prone to rust - help
Crumbly Oldy
Well there's reverse arms as seen at funerals and the like.

From the slope go to present arms.

On the word of command "reverse" bend and drive the right leg into the attention position and with the right hand grasp the pistol grip.

Pause for 2, 3

Can't really describe this but like pokey drills ie. with the rifle parallel to your right arm extend your right arm outwards and downwards until the rifle is pointing at the ground and is tight up to you right hand side. All this time the left hand is being drawn back from the handgrip with your fingers flat until you are able to grasp the butt. The movement is done slowly for a count of 8.

Pause 2, 3

Bow your head, slowly, count of three.

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