Rifle Drill Cheats

Discussion in 'Officers' started by SOS, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. SOS


    Some long parades are coming up and I'd be interested to hear of any cheats or tricks for maintaining slope arms, shoulder arms or present arms for the SA80 whilst wearing no.1s.
  2. Sanitary pads on the shoulder of the jacket (the inside, obviously) for really smacking the rifle home on the slope is one tip I've heard... you great poove.
  3. Get to the gym you ******* queer.
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  4. Your squad commander will order you to change arms every so often, other than that man up.

    Rifle/Tin of beans straight arm, out to the front, up, down to the front, out to the side, back to the front and down. Repeat.

    Change arms.

    Keep it going.
  5. 2 Hours of Pokey Drill.

    March him away Sgt Major.
  6. Remove the front sling loop. Helps when slapping the handguard doing a present arms.
  7. Maybe you should consider some soft furnishings inside your hat for when you faint, protect that pretty little bonce of yours.

    Before you start whining back at us give your head a wobble and dry your eyes, Princess.

  8. Put your ovaries away?
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  9. change the rear sling loop to the opposite side for the present also pull out the rear tmh pin slighly so that you can hook onto your webbing belt (remove all oil so it doesnt mark the white belt) but you can only do that when you have done a couple of cenotaph long stands supposedly...............
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    Go and ask the RSM for some hints ....... Ya big jessy !
  11. Oh yeah...Marbles in yer mag.

    Sounds wicked.
  12. Remove the front sling loop.

    Cleaning rod in your right pocket. Pull the rear TMH pin out a few mm, and wrap black tape around it (stops the TMH pin getting pushed back in) then, when shouldering arms you can catch the TMH pin on the rod and rest the weapon.

    Penny in the magazine.

    Guessing you might not need to use these tips for another 14 weeks after Yesterday.

    You could always man the **** up though.
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  13. How do you change the side of the rear sling loop?

    Oil trashes white or other belts, so why would a manky belt be some sort of rite of passage?
  14. When shouldering arms, how will your TMH pin be caugh on your cleaning rod?
  15. Get a biff chit each time there's a parade, you wont have to do **** all and not have to cheat.