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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Swede, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Had a look through some old postings and a couple of searches but I can find no answer at the moment.

    Can anyone recommend a cover for the SA80 that will keep the dust and crap off and allow it to be carried around with ease when it's not going to have to be brought to bear in any particular hurry, say... around an SLB type location?
  2. KIT magazine had a designe using a bandolier. Don't know how good it is though. covers every open part I think.

    Or make a cover from the NBC overhead protection sheet (can't remember it's name) that covers the whole weapon. with a large hole at the bottom for getting your hands on the pistol grip. Inf Instr at Brecon had one.
  3. Best improvised one ive seen was to punch a hole in a bandolier for the pistol grip, and then button up over the top of the weapon.
  4. NBC overhead protection cover ??

    Surely not CALM , a bit ott !!!

    Maybe the IPK though

    One of my staffys has one of the bandolier covers, does the job, debating whether its "ally" or wally but there you go
  5. IPK is the one I was thinking about.
  6. Not too fussed about ally v wally, just want to keep it a little cleaner when not using it!

    Seen the bandolier one before, I think. I shall have a go.

    Any other ideas? I was actually thinking about getting something commercial, but I'm not really sure about specifics or if anyone has any recommendations.
  7. I can see a Gem coming on here.
  8. Surprised it's not come up before actually. Someone must have a really good idea?
  9. Covers are available through the system, we used to get issued them in Norway. But bulky and cumbersum though, but at least they kept the snow out....
  10. Black bin liner.

    Waterproof, dustproof - and about the only bit of kit you can rely on the system be able to issue...
  11. bin bag and copious quantities of WD-40....
  12. Bin bag always worked for me! (If you're feeling really well off, a bit of black and nasty tape here and there just so the wpn retains some shape)
  13. I'm sure there already is a Gems for it.
  14. The old Bandolier works well but a GPMG bag works better, better still leave it in the armoury