Rifle cleaning kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by the_man_in_the_corner, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello chaps,
    Can some one please tell me what the part number is for the new kit, as ive had a little search for it and can't find it.
    If i can get the part number i can order it as my SQ has no idea what im on about, Cheers.
  2. Are you on about the operational supplymentry cleaning kit that comes in a zip up pouch and only contains an oilbottle and the new pull through
  3. That's the one I'm after if you have the NSN for it & the bits inside.
  4. Yes please Trailape, i cant find the part number for love nor money.
  5. On Duty Today I will try and dig it out if not I will speak to my Tech Sgt tommorrow
  6. Cheers Trailape.
  7. I dont have the NSN to hand. But theres no chance of getting it in UK, theatre only. I tried... and failed :(
  8. Newy, can you post or pm the NSN at least it will be a start.
  9. Yeah, i`ll copy the NSN down next time i`m in.
  10. Ditto the NSN
  11. Here you go lads
    Operational Cleaning Kit

    AESP 1005-L-202-711
    Pouch B4/1005-99-216-9375
    Oil Bottle B4/1005-99-192-5206
    Cap Screw B4/1005-99-445-3228
    Spray Pump B4/1005-99-337-1354
    Wire Pull through B4/1005-99-693-0479
    Combi Tool B4/1005-99-499-9236
    Swab B4/1005-99-215-4193
  12. Thanks & Wait out....
  13. Cheers Trailape.
  14. Was just about to post them, but trailape got there first.

    If anyone manages to get some through the system can you let everyone know. I just got a slap on the wrist last time i tried.
  15. Anybody got a picture of one of these cleaning kits?

    if you don't mind spending a bit of cash, Otis do various cleaning kits for all sorts of civvie and military applications...You can either buy the complete kits or buy the various components...When I go stalking I carry one of their wire pull throughs and a couple of jags/brushes ect as part of a mini kit...