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Sadly my Grandfather passed away this week and I'm hoping that some members on here can help me tie up some lose ends. He served throughout WW2 with the Rifle Brigade in North Africa (took part in the action at Kidney Ridge) Sicily and Italy. He was always reluctant to speak about his war service and due to this very little is known within the family beyond the brief details above and the fact that he was overseas for 5 years.

Can anyone help with directing me to any websites or other points of information that could give details of unit history during WW2. Also he used to attend the Mile End branch of the Rifle Brigade association which I'm told no longer exists, I presume (hoping) that this branch was absorbed by another and wish to inform them of our loss. Again, can anyone help with this.

Lastly, I have his medals which are mounted on a board and 3 of them (39-45 star, N Africa star and Italy star) look tarnished. Should I attempt to have these cleaned or leave alone, I dont want to do anything that may damage them.

Thanks for your help, my Nan is still alive and I know any info will really help her and my Mum at this time.

"Miss you Grandad".
Best get yourself a copy of "Recollections of Rifleman Bowlby" (Google it on Amazon) about The Rifle Brigade in Italian campaign IMHO aswell one of the best first hand accounts of WW2.


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Here's some info on the Rifle Brigade, but just what do you want to know

World War 2 Talk - Search Results

With ref to medal cleaning just use a good quality metal polish Duraglite ect, but slid a piece of paper between the medal and the ribbon /board to prevent staining,

need more info to do any real research on your Grandad
Hi there, I have just joined the forum after reading your message. My Dad was with the Rifle Brigade during the North African campaign and i have alot of information on the whole campaign. I take it that your Granddad was second Battalion to have been involved in Kidney Ridge or the official name Operation Snipe - do you know what company he was in?

The Rifle Brigade Association is still live and kicking and have several dinners every year. I normally go to the one in November and also go to the memorial at Grosvenor Gardens on rememberance sunday. I can direct you to the membership secretary of the association if you wish.

Look forward to hearing from you


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